We’re looking for one extraordinary Planning Head to replace the two of us

August 17, 2016

Two heads they say are better than one.

Seventeen years, and five hundred and ninety three pitches later, we think they’re right. One of our heads has been the strategy behind DDB Singapore, the other has been the creativity.

We’re not quite sure which head has been which, because it has changed umpteen times from business to business, brief to brief, and day to day.

We’ve argued, fought, planned, plotted, agreed, won and lost together. And now we’ve decided to call it quits together. We’re no longer going to plan new business pitches.

Instead we’re going to focus single-mindedly on the growing list of very active DDB Group clients: StarHub, McDonald’s, DBS, SilkAir, the RSAF, Keppel Land, Esso and a whole slew of Singapore Government accounts.

So we’re looking for a Planner who has what it takes to replace our two heads and grow into a single Head Of Planning at DDB.

It’s no easy task. He or she will need to work with closely with both of us and with DDB’s herd of old war horses who are also pretty hard-headed and strong-headed.

We think that the ideal person should be a maverick thinker, an evangelical pitcher, an obsessive hunter of insights, and an all-round playmaker to get the best out of all of us at DDB Group Singapore.

Above all, we’re looking for someone with a heart that goes with the head; a really nice and talented person who will one day lead the charge in our Department Of Thinking.

It’s a tall order.

Not for the novice nor the veteran. No one with less than five years in the business would make it (unless you’re good enough to be old enough). And no one with more than ten should bother (unless you’ve still got the energy to match ours). But if you think you have the talent, we’ve got the time for you.

Once aboard we’ll be there to help you make it happen.

Expect to do at least ten pitches a year; be prepared to lead our younger Planners; above all, get ready to do some very brave and effective work for serious clients.

And of course, brace yourself to feed the creative ambition and strategic appetite of two hungry and hard-driving Heads who will be around for a while.

It isn’t time to take it easy at DDB yet. And it never will be.

David & Neil

Write to career@sg.ddb.com.


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