You don’t have to be rich to love McDonald’s but you just might get rich!

December 6, 2016

Few brands have what it takes to stir the public’s imagination than McDonald’s. This time, it’s got everybody excited about getting rich and going for the Singapore dream.

After a 5-year hiatus, Monopoly is back with McDonald’s!

In a near-recessionary times, the challenge was to get a country excited and make it bigger, better and richer than ever before.

McDonald’s is not just about great-tasting, delicious food. It’s also about the fun in the moments and also joining other folks in having fun! Or as Keith Reinhard once said, “Fun, food, folks!”

“Every meal brings you closer to winning”.

With up to 4 million prizes up for grabs, we believe every Singaporean should have a shot at winning. In fact, we turned this around to stir up a frenzy to pick up more chances of winning.

We started with the iconic Monopoly teasers, done with local flavours, across the island. Tongue-in-cheek but unmistakably McDonald’s Monopoly.


This was coupled with a digital teaser to drive that anticipation.

And then we launch by unleashing the prizes – which Singaporean could resist the lure of the 5Cs – from a Citroen car to cash to cruises?



Breakfast, lunch, dinner and weekend sales shot up in the first week of launch.

Within the first month, overall year-on-year sales jumped up as high as 20% – an impressive figure for Singapore’s biggest-selling restaurant.

Social chatter also shot up as consumers traded secrets, tips and info about better chances of winning.

But it’s not over yet. The Citroen Car and cash prize are yet to be won.

McDonald’s have a surprise up its sleeves in its next sequel. Now, that’s rich story-telling.

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