Yellow is the order of the day, says Minions for McDonald’s

July 18, 2017

Some movie sponsorships give the brand an association and a sponsor’s logo sign-off. But only the most imaginative ones take it to a new level of story integration to give the brand a best-selling uplift.

Summer. It’s fun time, it’s chill out time, it’s also time for this summer’s most-awaited movie release: Despicable Me 3. Now, how do we turn a movie sponsorship into a best-selling McDonald’s asset?


We painted the town (and our McDonald’s restaurants) yellow, literally.

We turned those cute, distinctive, lovable Minions characters into the new order of the day for McDonald’s: Yellow banana soft serve, yellow minion potatos, yellow banana pie, yellow big breakfast, yellow spicy nuggets, even the menu board turned completely yellow!  A movie idea became product best-sellers, and everyone’s lovin’ it. The big yellow takeover has begun at McDonald’s.


Results went bananas!

Comparative year-on-year sales shot through the roof. We saw a positive growth in people coming through our restaurants in spite of the Ramadan fasting period and the school holiday season.

The campaign proved such a big hit, even on social media, our campaign posts on Facebook went viral, from Perth to Pennsylvania, reaching 7 million people all in all of one week.

The magic and fun of McDonald’s is back in Singapore, bigger, better and brighter than ever before.

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