What women want, according to DBS & DDB

September 5, 2012

“The great question that has never been answered, and which I have not yet been able to answer, despite my thirty years of research into the feminine soul, is ‘What does a woman want?’”

– Sigmund Freud

DBS women 01

DBS wanted to refresh the appeal of their Woman’s Card for the modern and complex woman of today.

It has to engage the high-achiever women of a new social era.

Women are the more ‘social’ creatures.

As a friend, sister, wife, mother, subordinate or superwoman – she seeks support from significant others and taps into the social environment to affirm, inspire and motivate her in her everyday life.

So, what better way than to provide the perfect sidekick for the high-achiever woman of today – a card that empowers and equips them by opening up to a bigger world of social mobility.

Say hello to the all-new DBS Woman’s MasterCard®, the card that helps women live it up online and in real life.

For these women constantly on-the-go, the card offers the first-ever Woman’s mobile app built to enhance their ever-complex lifestyles. Women can now enjoy customised offerings from full banking services to women-only privileges and even instant priority cab bookings with a simple tap on their mobile phones.

With more women shopping online, the card further also rewards them with up to 10 times the points for any online spend – surely an enticing way to connect with the digital lifestyle and yet unchanging hearts of the modern women.

DBS women 02

A print campaign, billboard and taxi ads put a new world of generous offers to high-achiever women out there. It signposted a new age of social mobility and marketing focus for women.

All of which shows DBS’ effort to give women a little more attention and empowerment.

DBS women 03

Within the first month of launch, the card has achieved a sign-up rate of more than 5000 cards, well above the industry average for product launches. (We were slightly surprised to find a few male applicants as well.)

After all, it’s been years since a bank really, really focused a world of card benefits around women.

Which perhaps offers a clue that might have slipped Sigmund Freud all these years – women just want a whole lot of loving attention.

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