Tribal DDB’s brainwave technology for BRANDS®

February 22, 2013

How do you take a 170-year-old heritage brand across time, and create an experience to make today’s generation sit up, share and be dazzled?

Hong Kong’s annual Brands and Products Expo is a key marketing showcase for BRANDS®. The 28-day expo occupies a venue equivalent to 4 football fields, and attracts over 1 million visitors.

As a leading health supplement brand, BRANDS® wanted to stand out from the 880 brands on show, by turning its 170-year-old heritage into a display of cutting-edge innovation.

We showcased the efficacy of BRANDS® products, trusted for generations, in boosting mental alertness for a modern generation.

For the first time, we stepped into the brave new world of brainwave technology, where the most recent application was to translate mental impulses into telekinesis – the ability to move objects with brainpower.

Tribal DDB employed this technology to develop a Brain Fitness Tracker where users could measure their mental focus, concentration and memory using a brainwave headset. From their brain fitness score, you could tell the high-powered mentalists from those who needed a boost in mental energy.

It didn’t stop there. An interactive table surface provided an immersive experience – activated by fingers, hands and bottles of BRANDS® products placed on the screen. The interaction brought out rich content for BRANDS®, including product information.

E-coupons were embedded within these interactions to incentivise sales purchase.

BRANDS® tech marvel proved to be the big crowd-puller in the expo. The show’s success has led to BRANDS® bringing its interactive platforms to more markets in Asia.

With the exhibition, BRANDS® successfully brought its 170-year-old tradition through time travel to connect with today’s modern generation. Thanks to the team of technologists at Tribal DDB!

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