Tribal DDB helps Anlene go from bone mass to social mass appeal

November 7, 2012


Traditional one-way advertising just doesn’t do enough to engage consumers, particularly on an issue like osteoporosis. To get deep into the bones, we needed to give testimonial ads fresh, new, social legs.

Help Anlene to arrest a slump in market share, by making the brand relevant to women in their 30s and 40s. Forget tried-and-tired preachy tactics or scaremongering.

We wanted to get deep into the bones when it comes to connecting with prospects. So we developed Singapore’s first Facebook page for and by women, to provide an always-on, fully social brand presence that also spans YouTube and Pinterest.

Over the course of an action-packed year, we will let leading female personalities run the site – Jane Lee, Mount Everest summiteer; professional caregiver and dance teacher Daphne Huang; motherhood blogger Daphne Ling; and actress Tan Kheng Hua. They will share their real stories of how they stay strong for themselves and their loved ones in today’s demanding lifestyle.

They will also help rally women to attend bone health screening events and band them together to help other Singaporeans in need.


Less than a week into launch, the all-new Anlene Singapore Facebook page already has over 2,200 followers, with some 2,800 stories generated to reach 300,000 people.

We have also received enquiries about event dates and product details. Anlene is fast gaining on brand social appeal, followers and sales. Which proves that social is not just a medium, it’s an effervescent way of marketing.

Follow Anlene here and let’s stay strong together.

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