DDB Group bumps up tradition in the Year of the Rabbit

January 31, 2011


Chinese New Year has always been a time for family togetherness, good fortune and lots of happiness. Tradition’s great, but a new year needs new ideas.

We wanted an unconventional yet fun way for families to spend time together. So, we created a social magnet that could engage both young and old.

‘Bumpin’ Bunnies’ for iPhone is a delightfully simple and hilarious multi-player game that everyone can enjoy. Players compete with each other to collect gold zodiac coins and lucky numbers. Just gather round, launch the app and shake phones to make the bunnies bump.

Within the first 48 hours, we had 1,431 downloads, 2,483 games played and 12,392 hoorays and yippees.

Bumpin’ Bunnies is free for download at the Apple app store.

Meanwhile, we also wanted to bump up the traditional new year greeting card a notch or two. So we pulled rabbits out of our hats, literally, with a set of hongbaos featuring the age old favourite, White Rabbit candy, appearing from a magician’s top hat. It’s bound to bring on a year of wonderful surprises.


Which goes to show tradition can be fun and surprisingly enriching.

To all our friends, have a happy and prosperous new year!

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