StarHub Wants You To Add Mum On Facebook

May 10, 2013

Do what you’d never do any other day. Add your mum on Facebook. Come on, it’s time to give mum a break – all she wants is to be your friend.

StarHub takes to a social experiment-style campaign to urge all Singaporeans to reconnect with mums this Mother’s Day.

What’s a priceless and enduring Mother’s Day present for mum? One that would last a whole year through, from the moment she wakes up to probably late at night before she sleeps.

StarHub Project Family Time goes on a mission to bring families closer together.

All mum really wants is to get close to her kids – and if it’s not too much to ask, be part of their social network. StarHub reaches out to help mums and her children connect socially and emotionally.

It might seem a terrifying social experiment to invite mum into your social circle, especially for young people – she could just be your greatest fan or stalker.

We decided to launch a tongue-in-cheek campaign to challenge people to add their mums on Facebook. The intention was not just to dare people to add their mums, but to spark an open and honest conversation about how we see, appreciate and connect with mum.

We’ll let people tell their stories – those who’ve added their mums on Facebook, those who won’t and of course, mums themselves.


We launched the campaign on the 7th of May with a social experiment-style commercial, putting a refreshing spin on the run-of-the-mill tear-jerking Mother’s Day spot we’ve come to expect every year.

What follows is an outpouring of user-generated content, with a series of Mother’s Day videos created by YouTube stars like Ryan Sylvia and Munah & Hirzi, each ending off with our campaign hashtag. Watch them and you’ll smile, laugh and probably cry.

Social video by Ryan Sylvia:

Social video by Munah & Hirzi:

A number of mini-contests were also held on StarHub’s Facebook page throughout the campaign, inviting people to share their thoughts about adding their mothers on Facebook.

The social experiment-style campaign led to an outpouring of content created by end-users. It reaches deeper and further into the heart of viewers – mums and kids – where the usual ’emo’ television spot cannot reach.

More importantly, it helped Singaporeans reconnect with mums, on Facebook and across homes, at a deeply heartfelt level. This after all, is what StarHub Family Time is all about.

Give mum a hug this Mother’s Day – on Facebook, or better still, face to face.


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