StarHub for Singapore Good, this National Day. #SG4SG

August 8, 2014

Go Local. Go Singapore.

What makes the social fabric of this country? What gives us a national soul, beyond being just another cosmopolitan city? We believe it comes down to the people, especially the very Singaporeans who venture forth with their dreams, aspirations and businesses. For without them, Singapore wouldn’t be the home we know it to be.

Which is why, this National Day, StarHub is putting the spotlight on Singaporean enterprises, and paying tribute to their life’s work.

Here’s to the fish hawkers, the nasi lemak sellers, the Singapore football die-hard lovers, the local designers, the local book sellers, the roti prata flippers, the curry makers and especially the business heartlanders that makes Singapore Singapore.

For without them, we’ll just be another city of Starbucks and Heineken, Pizza Hut and Kentucky Fried Chicken.

StarHub too, is a Singapore enterprise. It’s reaching for the stars to be world-class, but it is first and foremost Singaporean at heart: A true red-white-moon-and-stars local boy. And local boys stand up for their bros.

This National Day, StarHub takes the Singapore Spirit to a whole new level: It stirs the souls to let the spirits sizzle; to know, feel, identify and be proud of our Singapore identity – a nation like no other.

Instead of emoting just another patriotic National Day commercial, StarHub reaches deep to the very fabric of what makes us Singaporean – letting 12 local businesses speak their hearts and passions (they are the stars in their first ever TV commercials).

Here’s to the business owners for waking up every day at 4am, for giving up a regular career to serve us our regular dose of nasi lemak, for preserving the best of local and for making us that little more uniquely Singapore.

This National Day: Go local, go Singapore!

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