StarHub brings Home to Homes for SG50

July 30, 2015


Here comes SG50 as Singapore celebrates its Jubilee Year.

It is said that the mark of a great nation is not just how far it has gone ahead, but that it leaves no one behind.

After all, how can we call this place home if we do not care for the homeless?

This is one story from the heart which shows Singapore is not just a city of progress, but also a city of good.


In a year that’s jam-packed with SG50-related content, we ask ourselves: How can we tell a story about home, that will connect and resonate deeply with all Singaporeans?

Better yet, rally Singaporeans to convert their telco rewards points into donations for those in need.

And so doing, show the heart of StarHub.

Singapore is known for its picture-perfect postcards of Marina Bay, Orchard Road and very fine HDB homes – symbols we often use to represent our prosperity and progress.

But the truth is, it isn’t just these homes and those who live in these homes, that make Singapore, Singapore. It’s all of us, and all of our homes.

What kind of home would Singapore be, if we do not care for the homeless and those in need?

We released a special SG50 remake of Singapore’s favourite National Day song,”Home”. Performed not by celebrities but by the most unsung of Singaporeans: Our friends from Elderly, Children’s and Special Needs Homes islandwide, including Muhammadiyah Welfare Home, Geylang East Home of the Aged and Breakthrough Missions Halfway House.

As they sang their hearts out for Singapore, it made a rousing chorus: There is a place for every Singaporean in this place we called Home. After all, home is where our hearts are.




And to all StarHub customers, we made an invitation: Convert your Rewards Points into donations to these Homes at – $5 for every 50 points – providing a simple but meaningful way for people to be part of the project.

At the time of writing, the ‘Home by Homes’ music video has garnered over 800,000 views on YouTube and Facebook, plus another 50,000+ views for the ‘Making of’ video and trailer.

The campaign has been covered by Today (Online), Shin Min Daily, Yahoo, Mothership and several other media outlets. It has also received special mentions from public figures, including Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, ministers Ms Grace Fu and Dr Yaacob Ibrahim, as well as celebrities like Tosh Zhang and Jack & Rai.

All of this has been achieved within just 1 week of the campaign’s launch (14-20 July).

We hope all Singaporeans will join in and make this place a home for all.



Meet our stars:

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