StarHub and DDB make music more intuitive and more social

January 20, 2011

Can social media understand human emotions? Is it possible for that perfect song to come looking for you? Could there actually be a different way to experience, feel and share music?

Apparently, yes.

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StarHub wanted to relaunch its Music Store in a novel and innovative way.

It wasn’t easy, being the third telco behind SingTel and M1 to offer digital music. And of course there was the global benchmark set by Apple’s iTunes Store.

Sure, StarHub offered music tracks in multiple formats (full songs, call tones and ringtones). And it was all rights-free, making it easy – and legit – to transfer and share music.

Still, the Music Store needed to find a new, winning connection. The challenge was to make content from the Music Store more engaging, more interactive.

The game-changing thought: Instead of the audience seeking out the music, why not let the music (and content) seek out the audience?

Insight number 1: People choose music depending on the mood they’re in.

Insight number 2: People use Facebook status updates to share their moods. They don’t just feel it, they share it!

Put the two together, and the idea seemed curiously novel – A Facebook app that could sense how people are feeling, then offer a music track to match that mood.

Cue the StarHub Music MoodBox.

Folks just have to keep using Facebook. The Music MoodBox would intuitively detect whatever mood the user was in based on their status updates, know what to say in response, and offer just the song they’d be in the mood for.

It’s a lot like AI, with an intuitive dose of EQ.

Each Music MoodBox response and song was posted on the user’s Facebook wall. So friends could see, hear, and connect with how the user was feeling. And if they wanted to, access more music content from the StarHub Music Store with a simple click-through.

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Many were charmed by the tailored responses they received. Many more were tickled, bemused, and in some cases, even horrified by the songs they got to match their moods (Michael Bolton, anyone?)

Amid the buzz, there was one thing all could agree on – this would change the way people discover, experience and share music. The Music MoodBox has a differentiator in the world of music portals – it makes music more intuitive, more social; connecting the audience to tunes in a way even iTunes could not.

You can bet the Music MoodBox has a song for whatever you’re feeling now. Go try it!

The Music MoodBox

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