Social media can help you win friends and lose weight, say HPB and DDB

August 23, 2012

Loose To Win 3 WHOOSH!

Can social media outwit and outweigh a reality TV show?

‘Lose to Win’ was a prime-time reality TV series which ran the last 2 years, where participants were put through a boot-camp regime to lose weight, drawing a viewership of 200,000 in Singapore.

This year, ‘Lose to Win 3’ took a leap from prime-time TV to tap into social media – with the same viewership target of 200,000.

Instead of an intense exercise-centric reality TV programme, ‘Lose to Win 3’ leaned towards creating a community of social support for the participants, and providing more informative tips.

Money could always buy you some prime air-time, but it wouldn’t get you a whole lot of ‘likes’ and loving support.

Loose To Win 3 WHOOSH!

We leveraged on the strengths of Facebook and turned on friends, families and a nation to support 300 brave participants to shed the kilos.

In short, we had a splendid social experiment to ‘win fans and lose fat’.

Participants were encouraged by a constant flood of positive messages and wall posts. These won over fans and sparked a groundswell of dialogue and exchanges on weight-loss.

Video highlights of the physical, nutrition and mental well-being activities also enabled fans at home to start on their own weight-loss journey.

We even introduced our Aunt Agony feature with ‘Ask Rob’, which busted myths on physical activity and nutrition, and presented proven truths of losing weight.

Our fan base exploded from 1,008 fans to 14,282 fans.

At its peak, we had 1,636 people getting into “lose to win”. Over the 7 months, we had 739 actively on the programme.

Equally importantly, we hit 200,000 viewership within 3 months, proving that on Facebook, prime-time can be anytime.

Who’d imagine that social media can help you find friends and lose a few excess pounds.

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