Shop for your home,
from home

January 26, 2010

Courts has been the place to go to for affordable electronics and home furnishings for decades.

But with the number of online shoppers in Singapore leaping to a whopping 40% over the last two years, it was time to make online the mainstream.

Courts was determined to launch the first ever electronics and home furnishings webstore in Singapore. We were committed to building a profitable store from the first day.

In just three months.

This was a huge task, and being the first on the market meant there was no other webstore to learn from. Or margin for error.

Fast and user-friendly was what online shoppers want, and that’s what we gave them.

The new was kept as clean and simple as possible, yet was intuitive enough to provide relevant information and suggestions to help our customers with product and price comparisons.

The headlines talk about how you can still enjoy Courts’ low prices, while enjoying a whole new hassle-free way of shopping at

Behind the simplicity was a sophisticated e-commerce engine, engineered by RAPP technology, and enhanced with intelligent tracking software about its online shopping experience.

We hit the newpapers with a full page launch ad and four small space ads.
Then we targeted the online community with web banners and eDMs.

To drive traffic to the webstore on a weekly basis, eye-catching print ads with tongue-in-cheek headlines engaged more to shop online.

In short, it was a smart campaign for the saavy online shopper.

TODAY Print ad

The results were remarkable.

Despite our modest budget, 113 carts have already been generated and traffic to went up by 300% just one month after the launch. All this profitably.

It was a big leap into e-commerce for Courts done with value for money. Which only goes to show – the tighter the budget, the greater the creativity must be.

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