Samurai back with a vengeance and a sidekick in McDonald’s Singapore!

November 2, 2017

Every year, over the last ten years, McDonald’s Samurai burger makes a return to Singapore. While it remains an eagerly-awaited local favourite, consumers expect no less than an epic, spectacular story told in Kurosawa or Tarantino style.

Every great advertising story needs a surprising twist.

Shot entirely in Singapore (in fact, in the city outskirts of Seletar), our television spot reveals our Samurai waging his sword in battle, only to diss battle field and foes, to head to the higher calling of an air-conditioned, bright and cheerful McDonald’s restaurant. After all, no decent modern-day warrior should fight on an empty stomach. Even the most dedicated Samurai needs to feed his physical hunger before he takes to the spectacular art of war.

The print and outdoor posters showcased the Samurai burger in pop-art Marvel Comics style. Welcome to the Samurai Burger in Singapore, where east meets west in McDonald’s.

Samurai Burger

This was followed-up with a new product sequel: The unveiling of a Ninja who wreaked havoc in the McDonald’s kitchen to introduce the new Ninja Chicken Burger – to give a second wind to the campaign.

Ninja Burger

With the help of creative storytelling, the Samurai burger was back with a vengeance followed by his new sidekick, the Ninja Burger.

In week one, we surpassed projections with double-digit comp sales and outperformed comparative year-on-year sales.

Only in Singapore, Samurais and Ninja are whetting up the appetite of a nation. The fans are lovin’ it.

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