Plug-and-play ‘One Force’ RSAF app hits No. 1 on the App Store

April 4, 2014


We know that youth find advertising ‘lightweight’. They don’t want to ‘see’, they want to ‘play’ – and enjoy the thrill of a digital gaming experience.

For the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF), we created a campaign featuring its many vocations – where the ads are touch points to an immersive gravity-defying app experience.

It sets the new benchmark for the App to become the central piece of an ad campaign.

The RSAF wanted to engage youth to experience its many vocations – pilots, engineers, weapon officers, radar, navigation specialists etc.

We wanted to go beyond just ‘advertising vocations to prospects’ and engaging them to explore and discover which ones best fit their acumen.

Forget 360. Engage youth in virtual reality as one great experience.

You can’t be part of an ad but you could be part of a virtual-reality app. Especially one where the RSAF gives unprecedented access to vocations, weapons and hardware in an immersive game of operatives – allowing youth to experience and be excited by the vocations within the RSAF.

Introducing One Force – an innovative and immersive engagement campaign.

A 60-sec RSAF TV commercial launched on 8 Feb 2014, followed by the roll-out of print ads and outdoor posters featuring a range of vocations at the RSAF.

Beyond the ads, youth could now be a part of the app.

The app offers two levels of engagement:

1. Users were encouraged to interact with the TVC and unlock additional vocation videos – 8 videos were embedded within the TVC to be unlocked.

2. Users could also play the game. Every vocation and every piece of high-tech hardware from the Air Force is replicated within the game, inspiring young Singaporeans with a true-to-life view of careers in the Air Force.

Users could also build their own air bases and attack each other – inviting a high ‘spread on’ effect.

Role play key personnel.

Challenge their friends.

Hunt down the enemy.

Take on the vocations within the RSAF.

From ads to the app, the campaign found explosive success.

Within the first month, the One Force app reached over 23,000 downloads. It achieved an average app rating of 4.0 stars on the App store, and became No.1 on the App Store for ‘Strategy’ and ‘Simulation’ categories, and No.3 in the ‘Games’ category.

To date, the One Force trailer has reached close to 190,000 views on Youtube, while the TVC has gotten over 500,000 views.

The app proved a big success – to set a new benchmark for all other armed forces to beat.

It actually enhanced the impact of its above-the-line ads – all achieved without an increase in overall budget.

This RSAF campaign has gone further than any other – a force like no other on earth.

Welcome to a new age of youth engagement.

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