News flash on social media: Changi Airport’s million-dollar feeling

June 10, 2010

Shopping promotions are a dime a dozen; most are hardly newsworthy.

For the world’s finest airport, Changi wanted to create a million-dollar feeling and spread the buzz
for its annual shopping event.

Launch Changi’s largest-ever shopping promotion, Be a Changi Millionaire.

After all, it’s where the world shops. Our job was to get the world to stop and watch.

To create that million-dollar feeling, we weren’t content with a print, television or website campaign.
We wanted the spectacular.

And so we invited Singaporeans, naturally proud of Changi Airport, to show us what it feels like to win
a million dollars – in a flash mob-style mass performance, smack in the heart of Changi Airport.

We were expecting maybe a hundred people; Singaporeans being naturally reserved creatures.
We didn’t think they could sing or dance – after all, it wasn’t exactly an audition for ‘Singapore’s
Got Talent’.

In a week, more than 1,000 signed up. We accepted 700. These included a few seasoned dancers but mostly newbies, aged 10 to 75 (and even some airport and airline staff who couldn’t resist a spot of fun).

Over a few weekends of rehearsals, they put up a stellar performance – with the help of percussionists, hip hop artists and breakdancers to complete the motley crew.

Guest bloggers were invited to lend their social media influence to our cause.

First, we released a teaser video designed to pique curiosity: Changi’s coolest “cleaner” flaunting his breakdance moves while on the job.

On 22 May 2010, it all came together as more than 400 performers took Changi Airport T3’s transit mall by storm. It was without a doubt, the best ever Great Singapore Workout on show.

In just over three unforgettable minutes, a stellar show was captured and done with – and true to Changi’s ever-so-efficient manner, normalcy resumed.

Changi’s shopping promotion was off to a great start, captured on video and released on social media.


The social media sphere was set abuzz, including some bootleg versions of the flash mob captured by passing visitors at the airport.

It made headlines, in the press (AsiaOne, Yahoo! News and RazorTV) and across blogs and social networks in the region, from Bangalore to China.

The video has since clocked over 30,000 views and been featured in over 50 blogs.

“Finally, Singapore is exploding out to the world,” said Ranjan, 21, a participant. “I love the fact that people can come together to perform on such a mass scale. There’s a great sense of fulfillment,” added Gabrielle, 22, a singer.

It’s an idea from Changi Airport, for the people, made by the people – which aptly sums up our belief in social creativity. Word-of-mouth for a new kind of news flash.

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