McDonald’s strikes up a Spicy Faceoff for Singaporeans

May 23, 2013

Singaporeans love spicy!

For 10 years, the McSpicy™ has reigned supreme as Singapore’s undisputed favourite spicy burger. After all, it was a product created with Singaporeans in mind.

Now, McDonald’s wanted to connect with Singaporeans on a more exciting and spicy level.

How do we help McDonald’s own Singaporeans’ taste buds for spicy? How do we expand our share of mind… and also share of tongue?

The only thing better than a McSpicy™ is possibly another new spicy challenger from McDonald’s.

So, we set up a new national debate, of the spicy sort.

‘The Spicy Faceoff – Let the Flames Begin’ featured the McSpicy™ and its first challenger, the Black Pepper Flamer, pitted against each other.

The campaign kicked off 3 days earlier with a movie trailer style teaser showing the McSpicy™ burger and a glimpse of its mysterious challenger, telling Singapore to watch out for The Spicy Faceoff.

The Spicy Faceoff, Let the Flames begin!

On 18 April, Singapore witnessed the faceoff between the McSpicy™ and Black Pepper Flamer on screen.

Beautifully shot, it portrayed two chefs in an ‘Iron Chef’ type of contest. With chilli pieces flying through the air and black pepper corns raining down in sumptuous slow-mo, it was food cinematography like no other.

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Fans also got a chance to vote for their favourite spicy burger through a microsite that was set up. McSpicy™ and Black Pepper Flamer each had their own walls where they posted daily bantering messages, garnering for more votes.

At the end of Part 1, the McSpicy™ reigned supreme. But it’s not over. Not yet.

The Spicy Faceoff, A new Spice Rises!

The national debate continues now in Part 2 – McSpicy™ versus Red Peri Scorcher in ‘The Spicy Faceoff – A New Spice Rises’.


With the Red Peri Scorcher, McDonald’s has created a best-selling follow-up to the Black Pepper Flamer.

Close to 2,000 fans cast their votes in the first phase of the Spicy Faceoff, where McSpicy™ was declared the winner.

At press time, it was still too difficult to determine the winner between McSpicy™ and Red Peri Scorcher. Stay tuned at to find out.

Singaporeans are lovin’ it!

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