McDonald’s launches the world’s smallest McDonald’s

April 5, 2016

McDonald’s and Nanoblock® came together to add fun and excitement to its customers. Beyond the 15,000 limited edition collector’s kit to be sold, we wanted to do something surprising and true to the spirit of ‘fun, food and folks’.

The Nanoblock is small, miniaturized and amazing; McDonald’s can do that too.

Welcome to the world’s smallest McDonald’s store. We leverage on Nanoblock’s miniature cool to give our brand an interesting uplift, for the season. It generated huge talk-ability and buzz even before the launch of the collector’s kit.

Five days before the launch of the Limited Edition Collector’s Kit, customers get to visit the nano-sized restaurant, order from it, and get a free treat alongside their meal.

Visit the Nanoblock campaign page:

The World’s Smallest McDonald’s quickly gained traction on news sites and social media. It secured coverage from unpaid influencers worth almost $25,000. This increased awareness and excitement fueled the craze for the Limited Edition Collector’s Kit on launch day.

Most McDonald’s restaurants sold out their Collector’s Kit in 30 minutes and within 12 hours, it’s sold out island wide!
The biggest surprises can come from the smallest places!


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