McDonald’s gives Singaporeans reasons to Get up and Go every morning!

May 15, 2013


Mornings are not easy for Singaporeans.

In the frantic rush, weekday breakfast is a luxury for time poor Singaporeans.

We believe the call for breakfast isn’t just to feed the stomach but also the mind and spirit!

While McDonald’s breakfast is a weekend treat for many Singaporeans, it is hardly top of mind on weekdays.

What do we do to get Singaporeans to take time and fill their tummies for a great weekday morning start?

For a great start to a brighter and better day, you can’t do without breakfast.

We wanted to feed a nation with a new spirit of drive and optimism.

The campaign started with a trailblazer – McDonald’s National Breakfast Day – where over 100,000 Egg McMuffins were given away.

This set up the biggest customer activation programme ever for a quick service restaurant, making McDonald’s the champion for Breakfast in Singapore.

New breakfast products like the easy grab-and-go Chicken Muffin and indulgent Hotcakes with Strawberry/Hot Fudge added flavours to the breakfast menu.

With a new stronger, bolder brew of McCafé Roasted Coffee, McDonald’s set out to show Breakfast gets Singaporeans started on a brighter and better day ahead.

We launched the new breakfast menu with a series of quirky, cheery 10sec animated TV spots and went full on in print, digital and social media.

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On 18 Mar Monday, we gave Singaporeans a new way of looking at breakfast and the days ahead, as early as 4am.

Over 114,000 Egg McMuffins were served with each city store completing their 1000th Egg McMuffin giveaway by 7am.

More customers have since started their weekdays at McDonald’s with Hotcakes selling fast on weekends.

McDonald’s has started a breakfast revolution for Singapore to Get Up and Go! Long live the revolution!

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