DDB takes the Singapore Pledge to new media

August 6, 2012

The Singapore Pledge
The Singapore Pledge

In 1965, Singaporeans recited the National Pledge for the first time. We’ve come a long way since, and so too has advertising as we know it.

For National Day 2012, we wanted to encourage Singaporeans to reflect on our National Pledge and what it means to us as one united people.

To engage citizens from all walks of life to share their reflections and support for the Singapore Pledge.


For years, we’ve said the Pledge. But do we really, really think about what it means?

It’s amazing when we see the parts that make the pledge – we see the essence of a whole country. Which phrase of the Pledge resonates with you best as a citizen and as a society?

For the first time in national history, we brought the Pledge to life on-ground, online and in their elements!

Five giant Pledge installations, each at least 7.5 ft high, and reflecting different lines of the Pledge were displayed at various locations around Singapore’s central district.

Singaporeans were encouraged to express which line of the Pledge they liked best by pressing the ‘Like’ button structure next to each installation.

Besides showing their support on-ground, Singaporeans could also share their thoughts about our Pledge via Twitter and Instagram with #PledgeSG. A socially-powered microsite, http://pledge.sg was set up to capture these conversations and reflections in real time.

Minister Tan Chuan Jin changed his Facebook cover photo to one of our installations
Minister Tan Chuan Jin changed his Facebook cover photo to one of our installations

There is power in numbers.

Within the first 24 hours, Singaporeans have pledged over 20,000 ‘likes’ on ground across Singapore. And in 2 weeks, we garnered over 240,000 ‘likes’ on ground and online.

The community on Twitter and Instagram populated our microsite and their social networks with reflections, good cheer and photo contributions. We reached over 230,000 users on Twitter and saw over 300,000 click-events on the mircosite.

What was amazing was that the average time spent on the mircosite at 10.18 minutes, quite easily ten times the time to say the pledge.

Celebrities and ministries joined the bandwagon to share their reflections on our National Pledge too. To support Pledge.sg, Acting Minister for Manpower and Senior Minister of State in the Ministry of National Development, Tan Chuan Jin changed his Facebook cover photo to one of our installations.

Which only goes to show – there’s power in the pledge and there’s power in new media. Majulah Singapura! Onwards to the new.

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