DDB brings on a healthy alliance for whole-grains

October 12, 2009

An idea, at its best, must rally a fight for the good against the bad.

Better yet if we can take that fight beyond the ads to the streets, the stores and the supermarts.

Now that’s the power of social marketing.

Whole-grains 2 
Whole-grains 3

Get Singaporeans to eat more whole grains.

A National Health Survey revealed that Singaporeans only consume 0.2% whole-grains in their diet.

“But it’s bland, expensive and hard-to-find.” That’s what 250 people told us.

Oh yeah? Let’s fight the perception.

Let’s make it accessible all over the country.

Every campaign needs a fight against a monster, as Adam Morgan would say.

But why fight for whole-grain?

Fight disease. Fight apathy. Fight ‘can’t find it’.

First, we created the ‘Breadman’, an unusual character made up of whole-grains (brown rice, bread, bee hoon etc); a character who can protect your health. Something that adults, much less children, would love to have on their side.

Working together with the Health Promotion Board, we enlisted the help of retailers and eateries – NTUC Fairprice, Cold Storage, F&N and even a chicken rice stall – to offer discounts on whole-grain products they offer.

The ‘Breadman’ appears at point-of-sale, on product labels and on a website – with tasty recipes.

It even appeared in advertorials with recipes in the Sunday Times.

Singapore’s two largest supermarket chains and over 30 restaurants joined the fight – putting whole-grains on their shelves and menus.

Now that’s a lot of merchandise exposure, that also makes good marketing sense – after all, 70% of sales decisions are made in-store and when reading menus.

The Health Promotion Board has led an axis of good, to fight against disease.

We’re better, together.

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