DBS does a tango: Have bag will travel

June 9, 2011

Read an insurance ad lately? We didn’t think you’d want to.

It’s time for a more cutting-edge sort of engagement. Time to bring out a new bag of surprises.

Like what Steve Henry did with his famous Tango campaign, “Have you been tango-ed?” Bring on a surprise and a smile, …though we can do without a slap.


DBS wanted their TravellerShield to stand out.

Except that it wasn’t really top-of-mind in anybody’s mind – or sight. And nobody cared too much about reading an insurance ad.

You won’t think of getting travel insurance. Not until you’ve just lost your travel luggage.

After the shock and the stress come the regret and the remorse. We thought consumers could use a little shock therapy, if only to nudge them into action.

The best kind of communication is really emotional, after all.

The unexpected could happen anytime, anywhere. Like losing a travel luggage, and then getting a shock of your journey.

We placed red suitcases at traffic junctions of the central business district, where a busy lunchtime crowd passed by. They came, they saw, they were puzzled.

Inside each suitcase was a hidden talent, and when a large enough crowd gathered around, our talent sprang out like a Jack-In-A-Box. It caused a shock and then a smile.

They have every reason to smile – with DBS TravellerShield now at 50% off for a Single Trip Plan. The promoter handed out flyers for the offers, and gamely posed for photographs.

We made the idea travel further.

The “guerilla event” was loaded on the microsite, and the viral clips generated a high pass-on rate. People reposted the video on their Facebook profile pages and more friends shared the same link.


Within 3 days, TravellerShield saw a 350% increase in sales. The microsite achieved over 12,000 hits.

Not bad for an insurance product nobody really cared about. You’ve been tango-ed.

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