Shaping Brangelists for SUSS

April 12, 2019

The Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) was recently conferred the distinction of being Singapore’s 6th autonomous university. A new Head of Strategic Marketing & Brand Communications was recruited to forge a unified identity for SUSS, but while she set about building her team and finding a new agency partner, she also needed to corral the existing producers of the university’s marketing communications – to change the engines while the plane was flying, so to speak.

DDB won an assignment to conduct a series of brand induction workshops for hand-picked SUSS staff members as well as their existing agency crew. These half-day workshops covered the purpose and practice of brand management, inducted attendees on the current brand identity guidelines, and offered interactive sessions on how to write better briefs, and judge creative work.

An informed and equipped core team who reported greater brand affinity and were now more confident of ‘holding the fort’ while a brand revitalization effort took place around them.

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