Revitalising A Brand – JAPFA STP

April 12, 2019

Indonesia is one of the top aquaculture nations of the world. Yet the industry typically comprises traditional household enterprises utilizing minimal technology. STP, the aquaculture division of the respected JAPFA Group, is determined to reboot itself for the 21st century. Critical to that effort is a revitalization of a 27-year old brand.

DDB was commissioned to design and deliver a brand revitalization programme to complement the company’s own efforts at business transformation. The 8-month project involved a raft of stakeholder interviews and business immersion; a brand opportunity workshop to articulate a robust, new identity for STP; a brand activation workshop to bring this new brand to life externally; and in June, a company-wide brand rally to energize the troops and enlist them to the cause.

A far-reaching programme that is intertwined with the business, and which will help STP live up to its brand promise of “Feeding the Future”.

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