POSB gives cashback some kick*** new moves

December 21, 2016

For POSB Cashback Bonus, we wanted to revolutionise the rewards of its cashback programme.

From paying mortgage, salary crediting, investments, insurance and of course, credit cards.

Beyond just credit card cashback, it’s a whole new attitude to banking.

POSB Cashback Bonus is a new state of living, a secret skill. It’s like you have Cashback Kung Fu.

And so Master Lui was born. An expert in the ways of cashback and all the ways to unleash, seize, harvest it.

Like Bruce Lee or Ip Man, he’s got a few winning moves and killer punches to change the way you think about banking with POSB.


Now, a great master isn’t without his fans. So we invited influencers such as The Smart Local, SGAG, Mothership, Budget Babe and theAsianparent to deepen engagement:


Since the campaign launched in mid October, the results have been encouraging – close to 140K unique video views! There has been chatter online about Cashback Bonus, and a steady stream of customers enquiring about the programme on POSB’s social media pages as well as online forums.

Now that you know the secret, be a Cashback Kung Fu Master today!

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