Heineken F1 – More Than a Race

March 9, 2018

Singapore is over-saturated with too many beer brands from around the world. With F1, it becomes a full-throttle international race.
While Heineken was an F1 sponsor last year, it had a field-of-engagement problem: 99% of its consumers won’t be at the F1; in fact, most find it a bloody nuisance, given road closures and traffic jams.

Heineken had to be out there – everywhere and for everyone (as Byron Sharp would suggest) – better yet, get upclose and personal to beer drinkers, in physical and mental accessibility.
And so, Heineken took to different metrics – to bring F1 upclose and personal to its many customers across Singapore– reaching the parts of the island other beers (and F1 sponsors) cannot.
After all, the race is won at the pubs and the bars – not along the twists and turns of Marina Bay.

More than just a race

We unlocked a brave, new, interactive and exciting World of F1 Experience for Singapore.
One that was more interactive, more experiential, more upclose and personal – all over Singapore:

1. Pubs and clubs. Using VR technology, we let consumers see the race from a whole new perspective. We used Heineken-themed Google VR helmets to amplify the experience. We threw parties at pubs and clubs to help build the hype of the race.

20170901_212459 Party2

As a key event, we turned heads when by transforming popular local eating spot Lau Pa Sat into a fashion runway party for VIPs before the race weekend.

KOL and DC and Designers LPS exterior


2. Supermarts. We brought the F1 to the supermarts – we dressed up supermarkets to resemble F1 racetracks, coupled with promotions, prizes or race tickets to win. We placed VR booths in selected supermarkets as part of social activation, encouraging consumers to choose Heineken.

Supermarket2 Supermarkets1


3. Social media. We brought to life interesting, little known facts about F1, hosted by F1 driver David Coulthard. He also made star appearances at the G-Max Bungee at Clarke Quay, where the G-force riders experience is the equivalent of the G-force regularly experienced by F1 drivers.

DC2 DC 1 DC3


4. Public safety. To tackle the inconvenience, and encourage responsible drinking, Heineken provided ‘Hop-on, hop-off’ buses shuttled between Heineken partner bars and all major residential districts across the island, offering consumers a free ride to get to the parties without driving, so that they could enjoy their drink.

Hippo bus


5. Outdoor and On-Street. For total brand recall and association of Heineken as the beer of choice, we featured our global video and visuals through OOH – on Public screens, buses and Adshels.

Dino Truck 1

All to bring the F1 experience upclose, vivid and virtual to you.

Heineken strived to be the talk of the town from the F1 season, and indeed it did, the campaign hit nearly 1 billion impression during this month long campaign, especially through the news about the Lau Pa Sat Fashion show transformation.

This helped to increase Heineken’s Brand Awareness by almost 10%, and increase consumer’s positive perception of Heineken by 14%.

Overall sales of Heineken rose by 2.7% compared to F1 in 2016.

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