Early Childhood Nutrition: If only babies could talk

September 7, 2017

Being a modern-day mum is tough. It is the most rewarding job in the world, it is also the most challenging role ever, especially when it comes to baby nutrition. It calls for some education and also a lot of empathy to help mothers know best.

There is great pressure surrounding our mums. They have to keep up with their peers, put up with mum-in-law’s traditions and grapple with the overwhelming amount of information on the internet claiming to know it best.

While breastfeeding is the most natural and best source of food for a baby, some mothers face difficulties. When it comes to infant formula products however, Singaporeans are spoilt for choice – to decide which is the right infant formula for my child.

The Health Promotion Board wanted to sensibly and sensitively engage mothers about infant formula and their nutritional composition, instead of letting pricing and marketing claims become proxy to choose their infant formula. After all, just because it’s expensive doesn’t mean it’s the best.

Mums just about had enough listening to anyone and everyone when it comes to infant nutrition – the slick marketers, the online chatter, the supermarket promoters – except maybe her own child. After all, every mother loves her child and is naturally attuned to what her child has to say.

What if babies could talk and mothers can save on the second guessing? Instead of getting an adult to do the educating, we got the babies to tell their moms what’s really best for them!

From not falling for premium-pricing appeal and exaggerated marketing claims, to when a child is ready for her first solid food.
Sensible facts that every mother should know – told with charm and affection.

The ‘messenger’ and the emotional delivery were vital to get mum’s attention and convey sensible facts and advice to mums sensitively.


1. HPB Baby Talk

 HPB Baby Talk

2. HPB Baby Talk (Breastfeeding):

 HPB Baby Talk Breastfeeding

3. HPB Baby Talk (Formula milk)

 HPB Baby Talk Formula milk

4. HPB Baby Talk (Fresh milk)

HPB Baby Talk Fresh Milk



Since the campaign was launched in early August, the first video released has garnered over 240,000 views. Seldom has an educational campaign received such rave reviews and affection from the public and especially from mums. Baby talk has created a well-loved campaign for the Health Promotion Board.

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