DDB builds Singapore’s largest and liveliest Facebook group for StarHub

October 6, 2009

Social is the new media.

OK, got it (we’ve heard that a hundred times). Now, tell us something new.

Well, it’s going to call for more creativity – a lot more creativity – demanding more speed, more stamina and more in executions, than you bargained for.

It’s a big challenge for creativity in these new times.

Great Singapore Treasure Hunt 2

Create buzz around ‘the fastest broadband’ that StarHub offers.

Make StarHub Broadband exciting, engaging and interactive for the online mavens.

Start with ‘bring me to your leaders’: The influential but not so-easy-to-find and even-harder-to-win-over opinion leaders and activists online.

It’s the swarm marketing effect: They will take you to the legions.

But they can’t be bought from a database. They demand a creative engagement worth their attention and time.

We created the ‘Great Singapore Treasure Hunt’ on their most favoured playground – Facebook.
What happens online spread to the streets.

There’s a new challenge every day: The clues are on Facebook.

The faster you solve the riddles – tapping on popular online tools like Google, Flickr, Window’s Live Messenger and YouTube – the faster you find the treasure on the streets.

It helps to have a faster broadband.

From the start, the identity of StarHub as the brand behind it all was deliberately withheld.

And this worked well for the cause. It created intrigue, it generated ‘Talk value’ and the level of engagement grew exponentially as the word-of-mouth spread online.

Every part of the Treasure Hunt was executed in the name of speed.

It helped too to have a fast, energetic and creative agency.

We built the largest Facebook fan group in Singapore, with over 25,000 fans in just 3 weeks.
500,000 page views.

12 online and 7 on-ground events.

340 consumer-generated films and videos.

1000 over comment postings within 15min of each hunt.

800 participants turned up in person for the finale hunt.

More than anything, it’s the level of engagement and conversations we’ve had with the audience – no, make that participants – that made this ‘social media’ campaign a big hit.

Which is more important: The media or the creative?

It’s a trick question. It’s already happened.

The creative is the media.

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