Body art for breast cancer awareness

October 21, 2010


When it comes to health, we often look at all the wrong things.
Good advertising has a way of showing you a new perspective, to rethink what the really essential things in life are.

About 1,100 women in Singapore are found to have breast cancer each year.
80 per cent of women are aware of breast cancer screening but only 41 per cent actually go for it.

It seems that women are more preoccupied with other perplexing things in daily life: bad hair, an ample behind, or even a troublesome acne breakout.

Getting people to see the significance of breast cancer screening can mean the difference between life and death.

There’s a brilliant insight that led to our campaign.

If only we could get women to fuss over breast cancer as much as they do with their other body parts.

We took to the art of body painting, where life’s other bothersome things were beautifully illustrated to draw attention to where it really matters: the breasts.

It called for a huge dose of imagination, and a huge amount of Kryolan grease paint applied on a female model’s upper torso.

The visual was arresting. It drew upon issues women were naturally drawn to.
And then pointed to a far more significant issue about breast cancer screening.



Within just 3 days of release, the campaign had been featured on over 40 websites around the world.

The mainstream media also got a piece of the action, as The Straits Times featured it as an exclusive. It even went Down Under to make the pages of the Sydney Morning Herald.

A strong insight and some artistic depiction brought to life a sensitive issue. Now, that’s really an appreciation for the arts.

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