A smart campaign for a smart phone, for the smartest network around

January 8, 2010

It’s iconic, it’s cool, it’s now.

It’s the iPhone. Believed to be the greatest invention ever, with 3.8 million units sold in just three months — generating $1.5 billion in revenue, during a recession.

With M1 launching the iPhone at the same time as StarHub, it was time to compare apples with … oranges.

Everyone was watching. And waiting. To see what each telco would bring to the table.

On the eve of StarHub’s Apple iPhone launch, we gave Singapore a different apple experience.

Did you know that there’s a star in every apple?

Slice an apple across horizontally, and you’ll see a star. A hundred thousand green apples were given away.

From the heartlands to the CBD, passers-by were treated to fresh apples and the refreshing fact:

StarHub + Apple = The Perfect Match

We launched a print with a double page cover for the HOME section in The Straits Times.

They gave it a big screen. We put 17 free ‘LIVE’ TV channels on it.
They made it user-friendly. We make it wallet-friendly.
They made it a social-networking tool. We give free Twitter on the go.
On the smartest, most entertaining mobile network ever.

A tongue-in-cheek commercial told viewers we were the smartest network for the iPhone in the quirky, signature style of StarHub.

If your iPhone isn’t on the smartest network around.
It’s just another fruity phone.

They give you the smartest phone. We give you the smartest way to use it.

Did it work?

You bet.

StarHub’s Customer Service received continuous calls enquiring about the iPhone. The high number of pre-orders transformed into actual sales.

Not all apples taste the same.

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